Windows 8.1 is Here for Download and Installation

The long-awaited Windows 8.1 upgrade is launched on Thursday, October 17 for download and installation. The update has fixed most of the problems that users are having during these years.

Windows 8 users can get a free update from Microsoft Store app. For earlier versions of Windows OS, the operating system can be purchased at Microsoft Stores and retailers like Best Buy for $119.99 for Home version and $199.99 for Pro version.


What’s changed in Windows 8.1

Many people say that the new software represents a reset and rebirth of the bets that Microsoft made with its Windows 8 operating system.

  1. Start button – tapping once on this brings up the tiled interface and a long press opens up system controls
  2. Web browsing – Windows 8 machines will now display separate web pages side by side
  3. Gesture control – some applications, such as those for cooking, can now be paged through without touching a screen
  4. Keyboard shortcuts – removes the need to toggle between different on-screen keyboards when Typing numbers and letters
  5. Desktop mode – lets people avoid the tiled interface entirely
  6. Tile sizing – the blocks on the touchscreen interface can be in one of four sizes

A lot of other changes, including better support for multi-tasking and improved links to Microsoft’s Xbox game console, are also in the update.

Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Pro

As you already know, you have 2 options to choose from: Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Pro. The Pro version of Windows 8.1 offers Remote Desktop Connection, Bitlocker encryption and Windows Media Center with DVD playback. Note that third-party video software, like VLC, offers DVD playback for free.

Don’t know how to download and install Windows 8.1? Check the post How to Upgrade and Install Windows 8.1.

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