Version CDMA iPhone 4 is coming

January, 11, 2011, NewYork, Verizon, a leader in fiber optics combined with Apple Inc. official released version CDMA iPhone4. The Verizon iPhone have truly hit the web these days. Compared with version WCDMA iPhone 4, Version CDMA only changed the network type to CDMA2000 EVDO Rev.A. Not use the Verizon upcoming 4G LTE network.
Let’s look at what is the difference between version CDMA iPhone 4 and version WCDMA iPhone 4.

Version CDMA iPhone 4 and version WCDMA iPhone 4 has no big difference in appearance. What is the difference are version CDMA iPhone 4’s SIM card is bind to the phone and the wire is redesigned. We can see one more frame in the edge of its body. Due to the change of wire, the mute place is different from version WCDMA. We saw a white version iPhone 4 image a couple of days ago that combined with an official version tweet (immediately deleted). According to Verizon’s official info, now, only black CDMA iPhone 4 is available.

Version CDMA iPhone 4 has the same fuction with version WCDMA. For example, FaceTime, App Store, etc. More than that, version CDMA iPhone 4 allows you to share 3G network with 5 devices. The same as other CDMA mobiles, you can’t transfer data while telephoning. It supports video formats like MP4, 3GP, AVC, AVI, MPEG-4 as well as popular audio formats MP3, AAC, ACC+, AMR, WMA, WAV, etc.

The price of version CDMA iPhone 4 and WCDMA iPhone 4 has no difference. 16GB CDMA iPhone 4 is $199 and 32GB is $299.

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