Top 5 Tips on How to Use OS X Mavericks

As Apple has offered Mavericks as a free upgrade for many OS X users, you must want to know how the new OS changed and how to use it. Here we summarized 5 of the most useful tips about using Mac OS X 10.9 for your information.

Tip 1: Quickly Check What Apps Are Draining Battery

With Mavericks, the Battery menu bar in OS X will tell you which apps are using significant energy. When on battery power, pull down the battery menu and look under “Apps Using Significant Energy”. You’ll then want to take action accordingly, either by quitting the app, finishing the process, closing the browser tab that’s hogging resources, or whatever else.


Tip 2: Open Finder Tabs with Command+T

If you are one of those users who winds up with tons and tons of Finder windows open, you’re going to love Finder Tabs, which lets you have a single Finder window to hold them all: From any Finder window, hit Command+T to create a new tab, or click the [+] icon.


Finder Tabs work just like tabs in a web browser, and you can have each tab opened for a different location on the Mac file system, with full drag & drop support between them.

If you deleted files in your folder and want to get it back, try to do it with Data Recovery for Mac which helps to recover a variety of files from Mac’s hard drive and other portable devices.

Tip 3: Add Tags to Documents When Saving

When you save a file (either on your Mac or on any of your devices linked via iCloud) you can add a tag. In every standard Save dialog box in Mavericks, there’s a new Tags box immediately below the text-entry field where you name your file. Select a tag you have already created, or create a new tag by typing into the Tags box. This will automatically fill as you type, so you shouldn’t end up creating multiple versions of a Tag you have already set up.


Tip 4: Reschedule App Update Reminders

You can now reschedule App Update reminders and Notification Alerts directly from the alert dialog itself.


When the “Updates Available” alert pops up, click on “Later”. Then choose one of three delay options: “Try in an Hour”, “Try Tonight”, “Remind Me Tomorrow”

This is a huge relief to those annoyed with the pestering software update alerts and their frequent nagging in prior versions of OS X.

Tip 5: View Notifications from Notification Center

One of the new features in Mavericks is the ability to see notifications from Notification Center on your computer’s lock screen, which is nice in certain situations. It is really annoying if you don’t want everyone who happens to jostle your Mac’s mouse to know that somebody new has followed you on Twitter.


To toggle which notifications appear when your computer is locked, open up the Notifications pane in System Preferences, then click on the different apps available, and toggle the “Show notifications on lock screen” setting off. Sadly, there’s not an easy way to turn everything off at once, and if you add a new notification source, you’ll have to repeat this process for the new app.

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