Top 5 iOS 8 Keyboards You Can’t Miss

With the release of iOS 8, Apple allows iOS users to download alternative keyboards from the App Store. Namely, you’ll no longer need to envy Android users who have large choices of cool keyboards that add efficiency to text entry experience! Taking all iOS 8 keyboards into consideration, here I’d like to show you the top 5 that you cannot miss.

★  SwiftKey IOS 8 Keyboard

With SwiftKey, you can type each letter and pick from the predictive text or use the Flow option to slide your finger around just as the picture shows.

swiftkey ios 8 keyboard

And if you connect SwiftKey to your Gmail, Twitter, Facebook or other accounts, it can read your past correspondences to learn more about your typing habits and offer better predictions. Now it’s available for all iOS 8 users to download on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch totally for free!

★  Swype iPhone Keyboard

Swype keyboard offers you a variety of themes containing images and learns how you type to help deliver more accurate predictions. Its sync and backup features guarantee that it still functions perfectly even if you change the iDevice. Furthermore, Swype can automatically add suggested and trending word to your personal dictionary.

swype keyboard

If you find yourself frequently use a set of used words or phrases, you can assign each a custom gesture so that you can type them much quicker. And it also provides built-in auto-correction of words and phrases. Note that it charges $0.99. 

★  Fleksy IOS 8 Keyboard

Fleksy improves your typing experience by providing you with a variety of color option and 800+ emoji. Rather than looking at the actual letter you tap, it observes the general pattern you’ve formed and tries to figure out what you mean to type. And it is especially suitable for those ham-fisted typists since it’s resizable.

fleksy keyboard


Note that Fleksy doesn’t support swipe entry and there’s no number or characters on the main keyboard screen. $0.99 is required for theme pack and it’s not available just yet on the App Store.

★  TouchPal

TouchPal enables you to easily enter numbers and popular punctuation without having to jump another keyboard view. Take a look at the picture below, the “Q” key has a small “1” superimposed on it, while the letter “Z” and the “@” symbol share a keycap.

touchpal keyboard

Tapping normally on the key produces the primary letter and sliding up would produce the alternate symbol. Though TouchPal is not quite on par with SwiftKey or Swype, it has fun emoji support and colorful themes without any charge!

★  TextExpander Keyboard

TextExpander may not be your first choice for day-to-day use but it would be a great option if you need to type a lot. Because it supports shortcuts and delivers access to your TextExpander snippets from Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

textexpander keyboard

In addition to that, you can expand snippets of text in Mail, Messages, Safari and other Apps.

Which iOS 8 keyboard do you like most among the top 5? Can’t wait to give it a try? Wait! Before that, please take your time to check 6 things you must know about iOS 8 keyboards

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