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Christmas Present Recommendation—-Share Christmas family video on TV, or on YouTube

Feel hard to locate appropriate Christmas gifts for family members? Want to make something special to surprise everybody? Be annoyed of surfing aimless on the Internet. Don’t want to crazily buy things on the supermarket again. Just calm down, Family members deserve something special. Presents like clothes, toys, electrical equipment, etc are necessary, yet if you can make something special, you will win the applause. Follow the steps below, learn how to make everybody shrieking.

  1. Collect everybody’s picture or video clips from teenage to now. As funny as possible. Grandma and grandfather will be moved to see their pictures in their young age. Parents will be happy to recall every detail about their marriage. Of course, the new birth will be the most important things for everybody in the family. So collect pictures as much as possible.
  2. Shot those pictures with your camera. Order them as you wish. Upload them to Windows Movie Maker to make a family video. Add text for every photo as well as video clips. Insert the family song in the video. By the way, don’t forget to add your New Year wishes in the end of the video.
  3. Save the video with WMV format. If you want to share the video on TV. Convert it to MP4 which is the most acceptable video with video converter tools as you like. On Christmas Eve. Play it in front of everybody. Everyone will be focused on your masterpiece. Or you can upload Windows Movie Maker video to YouTube to share the happy moment with people all around the world.
  4. If you think this video deserves to be collected, you can burn it on CD/DVD.

Tips: When upload WMV video to YouTube, make sure the video is smaller than 2GB and shorter than 10 minutes. And you might find it take too long time to upload the video. That’s because YouTube video is FLV video. The server has to convert WMV video to FLV before showing on the Internet. Actually, if you can convert the video on your computer, it will be much faster.

Other Christmas present recommendation:
For kids: RC helicopter, boats, cars, kids cell phone, Barbies, Electromotion toys, etc.
For parents: Power Balance Health Necklace, Pressure Reduction Necklace with Eye-splice, Massage Slipper, Multi-functional Eye Massager, etc.
For lovers: LED T shirts, Canon digital video camcorder, iPod, etc.