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My passport Data Recovery— A easy software can accomplish it

Have You Ever Need Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery?

Most of Western Digital users must ever face the trouble of data loss. Sometimes, it is necessary to format the drive or create a new partition. However, some people would format mistakenly or delete data carelessly without backup, even, virus attack, power off suddenly or drive corruption, etc, can also make you lost data from West Digital hard drive.
Nobody want to cost a lot to do a recovery,and the operation of recovery must be easy. Thus, Card Data Recovery software is the best choice for retrieving lost data from Western Digital hard drive.

Take a breath! A small and easy-to-use data recovery program could solve all your problems. Western Digital Data Recovery is the program that I recommend, a multiple data recovery program that allows deeply scan of the deleted, lost or formatted data with signature algorithm and retrieve them immediately.It supports data recovery for all products of Western Digital.

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Steps for Recovering Western Digital Hard Drive

I frankly recommend you have a try to Card Data Recovery software to do Western Digital My Passport Data Recovery
Hey,bros! Don’t worry about the operation of Card Data Recovery software, you can recover your data easily after the following steps:

Step1. Download the Card data recovery from here http://www.tenorshare.com/products/card-data-recovery.html, and install it on your PC ( the software have Windows version and Mac version).

Step2. Connect the external hard drive to computer with corresponding USB cable and launch the Card data recovery application.

Step3. Click the “Scan” button to scan the files have been deleted, you can tick all of them if you would like.

Step4. Preview the files and Choose the ones you want to get back and click “Recover”.

Step5. “Save” all your recovered files in West Digital hard drive and you have finished Western Digital data recovery.

Note For Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery

When you use Card Data Recovery to Recover West Digital My Passport Data and save the data retrieved, you must save the restored files to other drive or storage devices ,do not save in the same drive where previous ones located. Because the space where the data you hope to recover taken might be overwritten.

How to recover data from formatted Partition? –Partition Recovery

I have mistakenly formatted a partition so how can I recover my data on it? Yesterday I formatted the partition D: while I was to formatted E:. I lost all data on the partition while formatting. So is it possible to restore the data? Seriously please help me.
Asked by Shree Kumar S in YAHOO. Answers

We all know that all our files in computers are saved in hard drives. And a typical hard drive is partitioned into at least two different sections. So you can run two operating systems (such as Windows XP and Windows 7) in your hard drive, although most hard drives are divided to create different file systems within the drive itself. Generally, hard drive partitions will be formatted using either the FAT or NTFS file system.

However, when partitioning a hard drive or restoring system, one of partition is formatted by mistakes, which means all your files will be wiped out! Well, if you haven’t forgotten to make backup for all your data, you are luck! But wait, I have no backup! What can I do? Is it possible to recover data from formatted partition? Don’t worry! The answer is— Yes! You can retrieve formatted partition by yourself! Here’s how to retrieve the lost data.

What’ll happen to my partition after I format it?
Formatting your partition does not make your data on it really erased. It only deletes the information about your files on the address table. And all your data are still there. They’re just invisible or inaccessible. This means that the files are considered to have been erased permanently on the partition can still be recovered. However, just take note that once you save new files in the formatted partition, theses files will be written over the files you want to recover. Don’t pannic! It’s highly possible for partition recovery!

There are ways to recover data from formatted partition.
Recovering data from formatted partition is easy to do with partition recovery software. Tenorshare Data Recovery (for Windows) is a partition recovery program that can retrieve data from formatted partition. This partition recovery tool can recover data after deeply scanning your hard drive to look for lost data from the formatted partition and locate data found on it. Within a few clicks, you can recover formatted partition with partition recovery program by yourself!

And you also can take your hard drive to a recovery office where supply data recovery service. But let’s hope not because it will cost you a lot of money (usually cost you $1000) and whether they can recover data is not guarantee.