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How to Fix Frozen iPhone and iPad after iOS 9 Update

iOS 9 was launched after Apple WWDC, although the latest version has both good and bad points, I believe that many users will love to upgrade iPhone or iPad to iOS 9.

Based on the experience before, typically there will be some problems happened during or after iOS update, for example, frozen up when update your iPhone to iOS 9, you might even lose data on the iOS devices.

While this isn’t something that happens frequently, it does happen, so the problem we need to solve is:

How to unfreeze your iPhone or iPad after iOS 9 upgrade

1. Hold down the Home button and Power button simultaneously for at least 30 seconds until you see the Apple logo.

Fix Frozen iPhone and iPad after iOS 9 Update

2. If you can’t hard reboot your iPhone/iPad, there is a third-party tool named ReiBoot you can try, the software can fix your frozen iPhone or iPad by a few steps.

3. If your iPhone/iPad restart-loop or gets stuck on red iTunes logo, you need to restore your iOS devices.

When you get rid of the situation of frozen up, you might find that your iPhone data was gone, so now the problem is how to recover your iPhone or iPad lost data. If you have synced with iTunes before, you can recover lost data in iTunes, but if you don’t, you need to figure out some other ways.

How to recover iPhone lost data without backup after iOS update

If you have any backup, how to fix it? Don’t worry! You still have chances to get your lost iPhone data back, only need a iOS Data Recovery software. The current data recovery software can help you recover lost iPhone data directly from your iOS devices.

Before you recover your lost data on iPhone or iPad, you need to go through the setup process for iOS 9 update again. But the methods above guarantees that your frozen iPhone or iPad is fixed. In addition, you also fix the data lost problem.

New Year Special Offers from Tenorshare Recovery Software with Up to 70% Discount

New 2013 simply came a few days ago, which meant that we were lucky to survive the end of the world and still breathing on the earth. It’s definitely a big deal for us to celebrate and the opportunity for all of us to begin of something totally new. Tenorshare software, a top software provider of data recovery, data backup, operating system recovery as well as data management solutions for customers using Windows as well as Mac OS, continues to offer PC users the effective and professional products. It just released it’s 2013 New Year Promotion from January 1st, to Jan 15th. With more than 70% off for Tenorshare software, it offers data recovery and backup, Windows recovery, Windows password recovery and some other products to liven up the happy new year party.

How an awful thing it’s if some important files like contacts, texts, notes and photos and so on gets lost or erased on your iPhone, ipad tablet or iPod! Is it a nightmare that your computer gets a blue or even black screen and can not boot remains all your data on hard drive unaccessable? Maybe you have got locked out of your Windows local administrator account on your computer or laptop? Or are you just struggling of data loss issue on your pc due to accidental files deletion or wrong partition formatting? In case you are in one of the above situations, Tenorshare software offers solutions to slove the issues and relief your headache! How? Go to Tenorshare software’s website: www.any-data-recovery.com and choose the right software for data recovery, data backup, system recovery and password recovery. No need to waste hours to search o Google any more and absolutely no harm in your lost or deleted data! Tenorshare’s 2013 New Year Promotion provides up to 70% discounts for all it’s products. It must be a pleasure that you don’t want to miss!

Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery: A remarkable iPhone data recovery, iPad data recovery and iPod data recovery tool that can recover lost or erased contacts, call history, messages, photos, notes, music files as well as videos out of your handy iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch within several minutes on your pc wihout iTunes, iCloud and also without the iOS gadgets.

Tenorshare Fix Genius: Tenorshare software’s newest product, an almost all-in-one software lets you fix pc booting issues, repair crashed, corrupted Windows operating system, recover the lost data on the pc can’t boot up, locate lost or forgotten Windows password.

Tenorshare Windows Password Reset: A Windows password recovery tool which automatically make the Windows startup CD/DVD or USB drive for resetting Windows local and domain passwords for you. No requirement for any specialized computer technology at all! Don’t underestimate the small utility. It has won a great reputation among more than ten thousand of users for its strength in cracking Windows password.

Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional: The risk-free and really cost-efficient data recovery utility certainly recover data lost due to accidental deletion, formatted or even corrupted drives, missing file structures, hard drive crash and virus strike, from hard disk, external hard disk, USB drive, memory card for digital camera and mobile phone, etc.. It will not cause virtually any harm for your data. By the way, it’s Tenorshare’s best-selling product!

Tenorshare have experienced a very successful year in business. So, on this happy new year day, We wish to take this opportunity to thank all our Consumers and Partners by supplying a great discount. For more info please go to www.any-data-recovery.com/promotion/christmas.html


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Tenorshare Launches 2013 New Year Promotion
Tenorshare Recovery Software New Year Promotion

Tenorshare Software Released Data Recovery for Mac-Data Recovery Software to Recover Mac Data

Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac is released by Tenorshare Inc., to meet the increasing need for users from worldwide to recover lost, deleted, formatted or inaccessible data as well as repair damaged or corrupted partition on Mac os X based computer, hard drive, USB flash drive, etc. Data Recovery for Mac is a both professional and reliable solution to data recovery, based on the advanced technology of Data Recovery for Windows, this Mac version cannot only support running on all Mac-based operating systems including the latest version Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, but also recover or repair data with all Windows file system (FAT12/16/32, NTFS) and Linux file system (EXT2, EXT3). And it can also recover lost, deleted photos, videos, documents and songs from iPhone, iPod, iPad when they have been synced with iTunes.


Some of the highlights of Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac are:

1. Supports Mac OS X 10.3 versions and above including the latest Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

2. Restore lost, deleted, or formatted data as well as lost or deleted partition from Mac based on hard drive.

3. Recover data from many multiple-media devices such as external hard drives, USB flash drive, memory cards, digital cameras, iPod, iPhone etc.

4. Supports to recover over 50 different image, document and video & music file formats like JPG, JPEG, MP4,AVI, MOV, MP3, DOC, ELSX etc.

5. Intuitive interface with four recovery modes divided makes users easily perform targeted data recovery.

6. Both trial and full versions allow users to preview all the recoverable image files before actual recovery.

7. 100% secure and no risk for data loss or damage. It’s a professional Mac data recovery software app.

Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac-Recover deleted, formatted data on Mac Os X from HFS+ hard drive,

Pricing and availability

This software is competitively priced at $59.95 USD only. And you can directly get its trial and full versions from the website: www.any-data-recovery.com.


About Tenorshare Inc.

Tenorshare Inc. is the leading multimedia and PC utility software provider who is dedicated to developing excellent tools in data recovery services. Over years of development, now Tenorshare proudly owns satisfied customers across America, Europe, Asia and South Africa. If you are interested in such a Mac data recovery program, you can get more information at its official website: http://www.tenorshare.com/products/data-recovery-mac.html.


Useful Links:

Product webpage: http://www.tenorshare.com/products/data-recovery-mac.html

Download link:


Contact Information:

Company: Tenorshare Inc.

Website: http://www.tenorshare.com

Email: [email protected]


The Commonest Promotion Activities for Online Software Vendors in Christmas

Christmas is drawing near, as the traditional selling season, sellers have large amounts of merchandise like electronics, clothes, handbags, digital products, data recovery software, etc. ready for the Christmas sale blitz. This year, the warmer weather combined with the economic climate means that online vendors as well as retailers have an awful lot of stock that they will need to sell through price promotions. What promotion strategy they often use? What trap customers should alert with in the process of purchasing products? Here we collect the commonest promotion methods used by online software vendors in hope that it can help customers get the best deal in this Christmas.

Method one: Discounts
This is the typical method for price promotion. Many websites begin to discount several weeks ago before Christmas. It often begins with discounts from original 20 percent to the later 70 percent, even 80 percent. Therefore, Customers should aware of this, sit back and wait for the best deals to come in.

Method two: time-limited promotion
Online sellers often use time-limited promotion combined with discounts. They may cut down the price of one specific product in certain period. This will largely motivate customer to shop, also won numbers of website fans to shop around again.

Method three: Coupons
Coupon becomes the popular promotion way for online shop these years. Many website allows customers to use coupons to buy products up to 10% discounts. Some vendors give free coupons once you have bought other products. According to the investigation, customers use coupons to shop increased largely as time goes on.

Method four: Freebies and free shipping
Many website offers free products to attack attention. For example, buy any software, get another one free; shop over XX dollars, sellers could offer free shipping. Sometimes, it is not easy to get the free one, you may be asked to share the products on Facebook or Twitter with more than ten friends or do the product survey paper. However, if you are in need of that product, it is worth to do so.

1. Be careful of “offers” – the law regarding them is arcane, and you can still pay over the odds.
2.  Some crafty sellers always put limitation for the usage of discounts and freebies. You have to spend a lost in order to get them. As a result, you buy a lot of things you don’t need. That will waste you large amount of money.

3. Check the product carefully, sometimes, the discounted products may have quality problem or has function limitation(especially for software, sometimes the freebies products are the original version and have function limitation compared to the standard version )

Software Online Shopping Recommendation:
Data Recovery Software
—- recover lost, deleted or corrupted photos, video, songs, documents from hard disk, memory card, SD card, MMC, USB, pen drive, external hard drive, etc.
Video Converter
—- Convert all popular video formats for portable devices like iPod, iPhone, PSP, Macbook, iPad, MP4, MP3,etc.
PDF Converter —- Convert PDF to Word and Convert Word to PDF inverse.