How to Preserve and Boost iOS 7 Battery Life

Some of iOS 7’s new features might be hurting your battery life, like AirDrop or the Notification Center — it’s the stealthy settings buried beneath a stack of menus. If you’re noticing a quickly draining battery, or just want to get more juice out of your battery, read the tips below.


Lock your device timely

It’s a good habit to lock your device each time you finish using it. Even if you are just checking the time of day or messages, leaving the screen on for five or even three minutes at a time can add up. Set the auto lock to more quickly turn off the screen can help preserve battery life.

Leaving every service up and running for all apps all of the time will certainly run your battery down. As a result, you’d better turn off the apps as soon as you finish using them.

Turn off AirDrop

AirDrop enables you to quickly share files, photos, map points and links with other nearby iOS devices. Leaving it turned on will have your device look for nearby devices ever time you access the share option in your apps. AirDrop is accessible on the Control Center, you could turn off AirDrop when you are not using it.

Disable Automatic updates

The automatic update feature of iOS devices save you a lot of time, but it also consumes battery juice. According to Apple, it’s designed to be power-conscious, but if you know you’ll be without a charger for a long time, it’s best to disable it.

To do so, head to Settings > iTunes and Apple Store, and disable the Updates option. Just don’t forget to check the App Store for new app versions.

Frequent Locations (and other location services)

Turn off location service

A huge battery hog for any device is the use of location-based apps and services. Usually, that applies to mapping apps, but hidden in your Settings are a slew of location services that could be doing more harm than good.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Scroll down and choose System Services. Some of these options are designed to improve your experience, but they come at the cost of your privacy (and battery). Disable any options you don’t actually need, like iAds. Then, head to the Frequent Locations feature, and disable that, too.

Turn off Spotlight 

Spotlight Search will keep an updated index of all of the information you have collected on your iPhone. Maintaining this index can conserve power. Located under the General section of the Settings app, you can turn Spotlight Search off completely by not checking any of the data types listed. You can also choose the types of information you want to search for, and adjust the order that the results are displayed.

Those who rely heavily on Spotlight should skip this option, but if you can live with only a partially indexed phone, un-index some items. To achieve this, go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search, and uncheck the items you don’t absolutely need indexed.

If your iOS 7 device is still suffering from battery drain, you can have a look at the post How to Fix iOS 7 Battery Drain.

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