iPhone 7 Ear Speaker not Working, How to Fix

“So I just have this iPhone 7 for a week and already have an issue…I can dial a call….but can’t hear anything….If I put it on speak phone…..I can hear everything….not sure way….just seems like the ear speaker is out for some reason. I rebooted…..I synced…..I re-installed…same issue still happens…..no sound coming out of the ear speaker….anyone care to help?”


As iPhone 7 comes to our eyes, we can’t wait to use it, begin to discuss and test its new functions. However, some users complain that the iPhone 7 ear speaker not working at times. Why does this accident happen in the new iPhone 7? It is not the main idea that we would like to talk here. We focus on how to fix it. Consequently, let’s learn how to fix iPhone 7 ear speaking not working with simple ways as below.

iPhone 7 is a wonderful smart phone, but if you are not so lucky, your iPhone 7 ear speaking is not working, sometimes there is sound and sometimes there is no sounds when you make a phone call, in that case, how to fix it? Don’t be so panic. You can attempt to use these methods.

No.1 Check the Mute Button
Sometimes the ear speaker not working because you make a mistake in iPhone 7, so you need to check the machine and know that whether you press the wrong button. In the left side of the Apple iPhone 7, there is a mute button, which is able to control the current mobile phone ringtone. When you find that the ear speaker is not working and there is no warming tone, you may check whether the mute button is opened or not at first.

No.2 Restart iPhone 7
Another way is to restart iPhone 7. This is like as you choose to reboot computer when there are some bugs in it. Consequently, restarting iPhone 7 is a general method to save iPhone issues. You can actually just to press the Power button on the top of the phone and then open the shutdown button, slide to restart iPhone 7.

No. 3 Restore All settings
If the problem is not the mute button, in the next you can attempt to restore all settings and then in the main screen, open the “Settings”. Then click the “Reset” button and then press the “Reset All Settings” and then you can reset your iPhone 7. This setting is just to restore system settings and this operation will not influence the data in iPhone, such as photos, movies and music, etc.

No.4 Repair Operating System
If all the above solutions can’t solve your problems, you can try to repair operating system. Of course this time, it will delete all the data in iPhone 7. Therefore, you had better backup data with iTunes or backup them in a personal computer before doing that. Then connect iPhone 7 to computer, open iTunes software and click the iPhone icon to begin backup data. Then you can download Tenorshare iCareFone to repair system.

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