How to Get Out of Recovery Loop from iPhone 6 Plus

I tried to fix the white Apple logo with recovery mode. However, my iPhone 6 Plus stuck in recovery mode, displaying a red iTunes logo and the USB connection. How to get out of recovery loop iPhone 6 Plus?

Why your iPhone 6 Plus Stuck in Recovery Mode?

The Common reasons are here:
1. You’ve installed an iOS update and your device gets stuck in a continuous restart loop. It often happens when something goes wrong with the update, or when you have extremely low battery life when installing the update.
2. The Apple logo has been onscreen, with no change, for many minutes.

But, don’t worry, there is a totally free iPhone reboot tool which enables you to fix iphone 6 Plus stuck on iTunes and solve your iPhone 6 Plus stuck in recovery mode loop with just one click, and you don’t have to worry about any data loss.

How to use the free iPhone reboot tool?

First, download the free iPhone reboot tool on your computer.
Then, plug your iPhone 6 plus that stuck on recovery mode and you’ll find that the “Exit Recovery Mode” button is now activated.
Finally, click on the button and wait for about 10-20 seconds to fix the recovery mode issue. Then your iPhone 6 Plus will reboot signifying that is out of recovery mode.

If you deleted contacts from iPhone 6 Plus accidentally, you can try to use Tenorshare iPhone data recovery software to help you recover lost iPhone 6 Plus contacts.

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