Top 2 Ways to Factory Reset a Samsung Laptop

How to factory reset or restore my Samsung laptop? I have heard that many people asked this question for cases like Samsung laptop forgot password or ran slower and slower. To help them out of the troubles, I will introduce 2 workable ways to factory reset a Samsung laptop.

factory reset samsung laptop

Way 1: Reset Samsung Laptop to Factory Settings with the Recovery Partition

As is known to many Samsung users, Samsung laptop has a recovery partition which safely stores a complete copy of Windows, drivers and extra programs. You can use it to return your laptop to the original state when you first use it. Here are detailed steps to go on with this method:

<1>. Backup all the data you need. The factory reset will erase all the data in your Samsung laptop

<2>. Start-up or reboot your laptop.

<3>. During the start-up process, press “F4” or “F7”key (If you don’t know which key to press you can consult the manufacturer). Then the Samsung laptop will run the system restore program automatically.

<4>. After the system restoring process finish, reboot the laptop. Then you are supposed to log in to your Samsung laptop without a password.

Way 2: Restore Samsung laptop by using the System Recovery Solution

Step 1: Power up Samsung laptop and press “Esc” until the laptop starts with the restore
Step 2: Find Samsung Recovery Solution program, and run it.
Step 3: Press ”F11” to perform Samsung laptop restoring process.

That is my suggestions about how to factory reset a Samsung laptop. If you have any confusion or any other great advice please comment under the post. Thanks.

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