The Easiest way to Factory Reset an iPhone/iPad without iTunes

Do you know how to factory reset an iPhone/iPad the easy way? As is know to many iPhone/iPad users, there are 2 common ways to make it. One of the 2 ways requires that you connect your iOS device to the iTunes and it is a bit difficult to perform. As a result, I will teach you how to factory reset an iPhone/iPad without iTunes with ease.

how to factory reset an iPhone or iPad without iTunes

What is to be done before doing the factory resetting process?

Factory reset an iPhone/iPad means that you will erase all the data on your device such as messages, contacts, photos, notes, apps and so on. So before doing that, remind yourself to backup the important data. Another instruction is to make sure that your iPhone/iPad has enough battery. After that then you can proceed to perform the resetting process.

How to Factory Reset an iPhone/iPad without iTunes the Easiest Way?

As far as I’m concerned, the easiest way is to perform a standard factory reset. The Apple Inc. has provided a “Reset” function for an iPhone/iPad, which is used when the owners want to erase part of or all the data on the iPhone/iPad. Here you can continue with the steps below to use it:

Step 1: Tap the Settings app icon on your device’s home screen

Step 2: Tap the General category in Settings, then scroll down and tap Reset.

Step 3: Tap Erase All Content and Settings and enter your PIN when prompted. In this step many people may come across a new problem “how to factory reset iPad without a pass-code”. In this case you can use iPhone Care Pro to unlock it and then go on with the next step.

Step 4: Then a warning pops up in the bottom to remind you to make sure the resetting process. Just choose Erase iPhone/iPad to continue. After a few minutes, you will supposed to succeed to factory reset the iPhone/iPad.

Once the process is done, you will get a brand-new iPhone/iPad. If you want to recover some of the data on the iPhone/iPad you can restore them from iTunes backup or a third-party data recovery tool like iPhone Data Recovery. Always the iTunes backup files is password-protected. If you can’t remember it you can resort to iPhone Backup Unlocker ( to recover it.

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