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How to Fix iTunes Error 14 after Upgrading iOS 10

We all know that Apple have released its iOS 10 Beta in three months ago. And the Apple fans have experiencing issues with iOS 10 upgrading. If you are too receiving an error 14 from iTunes while trying to install the latest iOS 10. Below we can learn how to fix iTunes error easily.

Option 1: How to fix iTunes error 14 after upgrading iOS 10

iCareFone is the all in one powerful tool to help us fix all iDevices common issues. Such as iOS stuck/repair operating system/files manager/speedup and clean/backup and restore data/remove ads on iDevices. We can learn how to repair iOS system to fix the case from using iCareFone.

Step 1: Download and install iCareFone on your Mac computer.
Step 2: To launch iCareFone on your computer, then choose “repair operating system”. The program will detect your iDevice.
Step 3: Download Firmware package manually, click “Browse” to choose a path in your computer. Then select repair mode to repair your iOS system without data lost.

Option 2: How to Fix iTunes Error 14 While upgrading iOS 10 on iPhone or iPad

Step 1: First of all, you need to backup your device.
Step 2: Next up, you will have to do a clean restore of iOS 9.3.2. (Make sure to clean restore iOS 10 using the IPSW file you have downloaded before restoring your personal backup. Once you have installed iOS 10, go ahead with the data backups.)
Step 3: Just in case, it’s not working, you have to check your USB device, and use another device. (You must ensure that you have installed the Xcode 8 on your Mac). Several users have reported that doing a clean restore with the use of Xcode 8 fix the issue.
That’s done!


Option 3: Check Your USB Cable

iTunes error 14 may happens when you have a USB connection issue. Try a different USB port on your computer or use a different USB cable. You’d better use the original Apple Lighting USB that came with your device. And you can text the
USB cable on another computer.

Option 4: Restart Your iDevice and Computer

This is one simple way to fix iTunes error 14 problem. You may often forget about it. You can always try to restart your device when you meet any problem.

What is iTunes Error 14

Reported by most people who attempted to update to iOS 10 Beta 1, the iTunes Error 14 occurred when users tried to update to the latest operating system while attempting to restore from a backup at the same time.
The problem is that, doing this was initially possible with iOS 9 and other later updates but when users tried the same process with iOS 10, they get this error 14 message.

If there is any other troubles for you to fix iTunes error 14 after upgrading iOS 10. Hope that you are glad to let me help you. Just write your question on our site comment section, I will reply to you in the first time.