5 Smart Use of Your Phone’s Camera that You don’t Know

Many Android phones are equipped with great cameras that allow you to take wonderful photos anywhere you want. However, your Android phone can do more than taking photos. In this post you’ll find five smart use of your Android phone’s camera that you haven’t used before.

An Excellent Translator: Translate Foreign Language Text

I believe that not many people have realized that our camera could be a good translator. When you are in a foreign country and faced with a bunch of texts which you have no clue what they mean, take out your camera. The Google Translate includes a function that applies optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically interpret the text and translate it for you. It will save you the trouble of typing the text which sometime you even don’t know how to type.


Check and Scan Product Barcode and Buy Online

Many people like to check products in person before they buy. However most of the time products online are cheaper than those in store. Is there an app that helps you to check the online price when you check them in stores, so that you can compare prices?


Amazon offers one such app — scan a barcode with the Price Check by Amazon app and you’ll be able to quickly locate the product on Amazon and purchase it online if it’s cheaper.

A Portable Scanner that Scan and OCR Documents

The camera on your Android phone can also be used as a small scanner that scans useful documents instantly. Moreover, some apps could even perform OCR to analyze the text on the picture and turn it into a PDF file that can be searched. Quite cool to have a scanner that you can carry with you, right?


If the pictured texts are lost or deleted, you can still use Android Data Recovery to easily restore them.

Scan QR Codes

These days QR codes are everywhere from business windows and advertisements all over the streets. Most QR codes are not that useful, however sometime it does make your life easier and more convenient. For instance, AirDroid uses QR codes to quickly authenticate with your phone without entering a password. Open Camera app on your Android phone, just scan the code on your screen and you’re good to go.

Pinpoint Nearby Locations

There are apps which can be used together with your Camera app to pinpoint nearby locations. For example, the Monocle feature in Yelp’s app can display markers for nearby businesses via augmented reality, pointing the direction to them and showing you exactly where they are without any need for a map. Other apps like Wikitude and Layar function similarly.

Augmented reality apps have struggled to find real-world use cases, although they do make all sorts of cool things possible.

Don’t ever underestimate your Android phone, and it’s smarter than you think. What’s more, you can even find lost Android phone with Android Device Manager.

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