5 Reasons That You Should not Upgrade to iOS 7 Now

iOS 7 has been available to update for a week, many users have updated to the newest iOS and reported a lot of error messages during the update. Before you accept the automatic software upgrade on your device, or head to iTunes to download the software, think twice. There are some reasons that suggesting you should not upgrade to iOS now.


 1. Some apps won’t be compatible

Though iOS 7 has added a lot of new features including Airdrop and frequent location, there are also some apps that were previously available now may not be compatible with iOS 7.  As with almost every new software version, apps often require a modest update at most to remain compatible. But some apps will fall behind simply fail to work — or fail to appear in the update list — because of an incompatibility issue.

Or in other cases the apps are still being developed so that the next update version will be compatible with iOS 7. 

2. No jailbreak for iOS 7 now

Jailbreak gives iPhone users the chance to run customization tweaks and features that non-jailbroken devices would lack. However, for the moment there is no way to jailbreak on iOS 7. As the saying goes you cannot sell the cow and drink the milk, you have to choose between jailbreak and iOS 7. For many, they’d rather stay with jailbreak than updating to iOS 7.

3. There are still bugs to be fixed

The previous iOS 7 betas have fixed a lot of bug in iOS 7. While, obviously there are still bugs to be fixed in the next few weeks as complaints fly around Apple forums. Just like previous years, updates will likely be coming to iOS 7 in the trailing weeks after its initial release to fix anything that users are struggling with.

Some of the bugs might lead to iPhone, iPad or iPod data loss during update. In case of such tragedy, use iPhone Data Recovery for Mac to restore data from iPhone, iPad and iPod to your Mac.

4. No Way to downgrade to iOS 6

They say the iOS 7 update is a one-way trip. Though beta and pre-release versions of iOS 7 allowed developers and software testers to downgrade to the latest stable iOS 6.1.3 or 6.1.4 build, Apple is not expected to extend the same courtesy with the final “gold master” version of iOS 7.

5. Older devices cannot update to iOS 7

iOS 7 doesn’t come with all iOS devices. It is only compatible with the iPhone 4, iPod touch (5th generation), and iPad 2 tablets and later. For instance, if you are an iPhone 3GS user or iPod touch 4G usesr, you’ll not be able to upgrade to iOS 7.

Older compatible devices may still not see the full performance one might expect with the latest editions to Apple’s smartphone and tablet lineup.

If you’ve read through the post and still want to update to iOS 7, check the post How to Upgrade to iOS 7 for detailed steps.

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