10 Google Nexus 4 Tips to Help You Get the Best of Your Phone

With Google Nexus 4, we could enjoy the brilliance of both Google and LG. From this little gadget we get a wealth of great software features and a ridiculously low price. As so many people choose Google Nexus, here in this post I’d like to give you some indispensable Google Nexus 4 tips.


1. Access Quick Setting More Quickly

The new Quick Settings menu is something that Android 4.2 proud of, which can be accessed from the Notifications pane. By dragging the pane down with two fingers however, you jump straight to the Quick Settings option.


2. Take a Screenshot

There are times when you just want to capture what’s on your phone’s screen, so you can keep a record of it or show it to others at a later date, and thankfully this functionality comes baked into Android these days. Simply hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time.

3. Share Things Instantly with Android Beam

Thanks to the inclusion of a NFC chip inside the Nexus 4, you can share data simply by holding your phone next to a compatible device. If you know someone else with a NFC-packing handset — such as the Nexus S or the Galaxy Nexus — you can use this feature to display things directly on their screen. If you’re viewing a Web page, for example, or a Google Play listing, you can show your friend by beaming the same page to their device, instantly.

4. Trace to Type

One of Android 4.2’s most significant new features is its trace-to-type keyboard. If you’ve used Swype in the past you’ll know what to expect. Instead of tapping on each key to write something, you merely draw a line over the letters in sequence and lift your finger from the screen to add a space and move onto the next word.

If you’re interested in this feature, go to Settings > Language and Input, and select the Android Keyboard option. Check “Enable Gesture Typing”.

5. Automatically Back Up Photos

Google+ may not have taken the social networking world by a storm, but the Android application has one fantastic use — it boasts an option, which allows you to automatically upload photos you’ve taken on your Nexus 4 to your Google+ account in the cloud. Even if you lose your device, you won’t lose all those valuable memories.

6. Make your Phone Silent Fast

For those moments when holding down the volume button just isn’t a quick enough way of shutting up your phone, you can hold down the Nexus 4’s power button briefly to bring up a separate menu. From here you can put your phone into silent or vibrate mode with a single tap, saving your blushes during important meetings.


7. Lock Screen Widgets

Lock screen widgets is a new feature of Android 4.2. From your lock screen you can take photos, browse your emails and check calendar appointments — all without having to unlock your Nexus 4. This is especially handy if you use a gesture or password to secure you phone, as it saves you from having to input it every time you receive an email.

8. Secure Your Phone with Face Unlock

One of Android’s unique functions, Face Unlock allows you to access your device using nothing but your face. If you want to enable it, go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock and select ‘Face Unlock’.

9. Sync Bookmarks with Google Chrome

The default Android browser has officially been retired in 4.2, and Google’s Chrome browser now takes centre stage. If you use Chrome on your desktop (or any other device, for that matter) you can sync your web activity with Nexus 4.

10. Data Recovery for Google Nexus

Android phone allows you to back up data with devices like Google; however, so many people forgot to back up their phone regularly. In this case using Android Data Recovery may be a good choice as the software could restore your text messages, contacts, photos and more in just a few minutes.

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